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Bill Wilson

This disc could not be more aptly named. The opening track, penned by Cassie Keenum, is so primal that it gave me chills. This is blues and deep southern soul, stories of real life and things that actually make sense. With Cassie on vocals and acoustic guitar, Rick Randlett on vocals, lap steel, electric and acoustic guitars, Nicole Wagner on bass, Rusty Valentine on drums, Little Mike on harp (2 & 7) and Mitch Rogers on keys (6), the bases are well covered. Cassie is the daughter of a Baptist preacher who took to the blues. Rick fell in love with the blues-rock pioneers. Bring them together and there is a certain magic that takes place. The result has got to be heard to be believed. With all tunes written or co-written by Keenum & Randlett with the exception of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, these folks deliver on everything from life to death and from loves lost to love found…all with a sound that grabs the heartstrings and refuses to let go. This is the sort of thing that could go in the player and spin throughout the day. Superb musicianship all-around and vocals from both Keenum and Randlett that are absolutely perfect for the genre. I had been thinking about blues and music brought with those who came here and settled areas like Appalachia. The old folksongs and blues intermingled beautifully. There are far too many lines drawn in the music world for my liking. This is just great music…blues blends with folk and old-world charm for a sound that is captivating and certainly haunting. This one is a winner…start to finish. Young and old alike will find common ground in Hauntings. This one has all the earmarks of an all-time classic…one album you will not want to pass over. It is the real deal…in every respect…the sort of thing I would buy multiple copies of to give as gifts.